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After 37 years in the business I have decided to semi-retire. I am no longer conducting investigations.

I’m leaving the field work to the younger guys who still like to getup at 5am or do garbage runs at 2am. However, I am not just sitting idle.

I am writing a book on my 37 years of experience as a PI that includes dozens of some of my more interesting cases.

The book includes my struggle to get into the business without the required qualifications and eight additional chapters containing around thirty five of my more colorful cases in various parts of the country; some hilarious, some tragic and some highly illegal.

These cases include bitter custody battles and divorce cases, insurance fraud, theft, John Gotti with NBC news, drug dealers with NBC news, surveillance, crossing the line with illegal wiretaps, perks of the job and more.  I believe it is a great story that should be told and will keep the interest of the general public.

Check back for updates. I’m about of the way through it but it probably won’t be completed until early next year.

Not sure if I will seek a publisher or self publish; but might raise funds through


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