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I recieved a string of e-mails starting with the attached:
FAX NO;234-1-7597166

Dear Friend,

Greetings. This mail will surely come to you with great surprise since we never
had any previous correspondence. I received information about your company's
products and services through the Internet business directory, in which I am
interested, with your wealth of experience to be a partner or an African

First, let me introduce myself as Colonel William Duru, retired from the
Nigerian Army, May 28th 1999, upon the birth of the newly elected and
inaugurated democratic Government of President Olusegun Obasanjo.

I did hold forth, in my service days, the office of the Chief Security officer
to the then incumbent Head of State, General Abdulsalam Abubakar. During the
tail end of our military regime, loyal officers and members of the provisional
ruling counsel, (PRC), the highest decision making body of the then Military
regime, were secretly compensated with a lot of monetary rewards, oil blocks and
multi-Million dollar contracts.
I personally received a cash advancement of Six Million five hundred thousand
United States dollars
only, $6,500,000.00.

This money is presently been deposited with a reputable security company here in

Considering the on going investigations by the Government of the day on past
military regimes and its officers, it is my intention to forward this fund
overseas for safekeeping, since I cannot circulate this money within the
Nigerian banking institutions or trading communities, hence my contacting you.

I have since held several consultations with the management of the "GAS" and
have mapped out a secure modus operandi of getting fund to you hitch free, upon
your decision/assurance of your assistance, in which you will be duly
compensated with 20% of the entire fund, while the balance would be used in the
establishment of a trading network between our two countries. Thus, you might
say, a re-circulation of fund back to its source.

As I want to trust in your judgment of having your alloyed assistance, I will
appreciate that you revert back to me in affirmation, to enable me give you full
details, bearing in mind the utmost confidentiality of this transaction to

Humbly send your reply directly to my personal email address indicated below.

Thank you, as I await your swift response.

Yours Respectfully,

Col. William Duru.(Rtd)
Reply to email:
Direct Phone line: +234.803.301.7294
Knowing about the Nigerian scam I chose to follow it up just to see what kind of bullshit I would get back:
1)Response after my reply expressing interest:
From: Nkem Matos
To: Stephen Benford
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2003 2:00 PM
Subject: modus operandi

My Dear Stephen Benford,

Thank you for your mail and your willingness to be
of great assistance in securing fund for my family.
Hence, let me advise you as regarding my preferred modus operandi
in getting fund to you hitch free:

1. That, when I decided to move these funds, I
consulted my wife. We agreed that Americans are more
trust worthy in recent time especially in a deal like
this. She brought your email address and 14 others
from the Internet. When we took them to our marabou
as in our native culture and tradition, the
marabou after his prayers pointed your name as a
trust worthy Person,hence my contacting you.

2.  That the Modus operandi of getting this fund is
simple. The fund at the moment is at the custody of a
reputable security firm, "GLOBAL FINANCE & SECURITY LTD",
GFSL, here in Lagos, Nigeria.

3.  That the GFSL, will be responsible for the transportation of fund outside
 the shores of Nigeria, through their diplomatic facility to any of their bonded
 warehouse in the following geographical Areas or your convinent location
 suitable for you to take delivery.

a). Europe
b). Mid-East
c). Africa

That upon taking delivery of package,they will advice and help you
open/establish an account with any of thier "friendly banks" where the funds
will be deposit in your favour. From there you can then move it in bits to your
 own country via international telegraphic transfer (Wire transfer). As a
wire transfer from this end is not visible for security reasons, considering
 that fact that all international money transfers are been monitored by our apex
 banking institution, and government regulating bodies.

4.  That, you have to feel free as this money is no
drug related money or any illicit related money. This
is clean money, and the source of fund is as stated in my first
email to you. (A parting gift from my former C in C).

5.  It may interest you to know that due to the
Obsolete banking system here. Most of the
Diamond and Gold funds are being moved to
U.S.A/Europe/Asia/Middle East/Australia etc via this
channel, which has been so familiar with
this terrain. So you are at no risk whatsoever.

6.  That, while we are working as brothers to get to the
Eldora do, I should also be updating my traveling
documents so as to join you very shortly. My family
says hello to you.

7.  That I will send to you by Fax, a Copy of deposit certificate
of the fund for your perusal. I hope no third party has
access to your fax documents? Do furnish me with your secure phone
and fax numbers for purpose.

8. I shall issue to you very important documents,
as in, a Letter of Nominee & Authority in your favor. This
Is to establish you as the new beneficiary of fund.
Hence, I need your full names and address, including your
passport number to prepare these documents.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please,
do not hestiate to bring it to my attention.

9.  That as soon as i hear from you, i will send you a specimen text
application letter, that you are to transcribe on your company
letter head, signed and stamped, then fax to the "GFSL" Lagos office.

This application is to enable them commence action.

You can reach at anytime of the day through my phone number below.

Awaiting your swift reply.

Yours truly,

Col. William Duru
Phone: +234.803.301.7294

2)My response (Sunday January 5th 2003):

Dear William,
My apologies for taking so long to reply to you, but I do not sit by a PC 24/7... Well at least not at the weekend when I dedicate as much of my time as possible to my family!
Anyway, please see my comments to the following points listed in your e-mail:
1)Firstly, please be advised that I am British and not American. I am not sure whether this makes any difference to you, but I wanted to clear that one up!
3)In my case Europe would be most appropriate.
7)I do not have a personal fax No. I stopped using fax a couple of years ago as I find the internet provides me everything I need: scanned documents can be mailed as attachments (and so forth). I have always found this to be the most reliable method of communication from a security point of view.
My personal business cellphone No is +44 (0)7770-347738
8)I will provide you my personal details once I have seen a copy of the deposit certificate.
I wait to hear further from you.
Stephen Benford
3)His follow up to my e-mail:

Dear Stephen,

I am in clear reciept of your mail with its contents
well noted.

You are right, your nationality does not really matter,
as long as you are capable to handle transaction of this
nature and can keep information relating to this matter,
highly confidential.

Your choice of Europe is great, conmsidering the fact
that you are in the United kingdom. I did try to speak
with you on your business cell phone, earlier today,
but got a voice-mail prompt, and left you a message.
Tomorrow, Monday, 6th jan'03, i shall forward to you as
requested, scanned copy of certificate of deposit,
with text specimen of shippment application, to be
forwarded to the "Global Finance and Sercurity Co. Ltd",
GFSL, for them to commence action.

You can reach, 24/ 7 on +234.8033017294.


William Duru

This was followed up by a call from "William" which I ignored, so he left a voicemail asking me to call him!

4)The promised e-mail with attachments received today:

Dear Stephen,

It's a bright morning out here in Lagos, Nigeria. I have attached scanned copies of the deposit certificate, and my photograph.

Below, is specimen text application letter. You are to transcribe this to your letter head paper, signed and stamp, then forward same either by fax or email, to the GLOBAL FINANCE & SECURITY Co.LTD. This application is to enable them begin the processing/comencement of consignment shipment to thier European office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

As i earlier brought to your attention, i will need your personal infomation to prepare relevant documents that is to be presented in Amsterdam, Introducing, authorizing and establishing you as beneficiary of fund. I shall appreciate that you call me up on phone as soon as you recieve this mail for exchange of usefull information.(My private phone # : +2348033017294).

Thank you as i look forward to the birth of a lasting business relationship with you.


Col. William Duru (RTD).

Specimen text application letter:

Global Finance and Security Co.Ltd
084 Mokoy Street
Apapa - Lagos

FAO: Mr. Patrick Suyar (West-African-Regional Manager).

Fax: +234.9.2721659

Dear Sir,

I write with reference of our consignment in your custody with the following particulars. It is my desire to recieve as such this consignment via your affiliate office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I shall appreciate if this application and request is given high priority in enabling me make preparations.

Also, do furnish me with contact details of your sister company in Amsterdam and other relevant informations for pick up.

Consignment Number: GFS/XXXC-TL/45320/XXC-2001
Depositor's Name:  Colonel. William Duru(Rtd).
Vault Number: GFSL-LAG1675
Reference Code: GSFL-09VOL/02

Thanking in advance for your anticipated co-operation.

I remain,

Yours Faithfully,

Stephen Benford


Naturally I did not provide any personal details other than my cellphone No, which William tried to call me on three times today.
I was somewhat surprised that he agreed to scan and e-mail the documents and did not insist on having a fax No based on the information I have read about this scam!
Stephen Benford


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