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This was received by me 11/12/2001 from a Pastor in the Dominican Republic. 

 He sent me the following remarks and included the scam letter he received:

    Mr. Robert L Lesnick.

    I am a Pastor of a Baptist Christian Church In
Dominican Republic; and I had receive a letter from a
Nigerian "good man". Pls see it the letter and use it
helping the ignorants like me (I will sent you the all
Testament, If you are interested). I did not sent
money because my God protected me, but I sent them
some personal info. (ID, Pasport and Acc. No.), When
they wrote me about Modalities, Fees and Charges. I
Then they reduce the amount under US$1000.00. Wile
this was happend I was looking and asking on the web;
finally one Pastor from UK. gave me your Site ref.
I thank to the Lord Jesus for help me in this matter,
and I sent you and your team my gratitude  for your
best helping people around the world.
My respect.
Pastor Bolivar Cuevas. 

Nota: El mensaje reenviado fue adjuntado.


FROM: Barrister pascal Adebayo
      No. 4, Ifesowopo Street, Ilaje, Bariga,
      Lagos, Nigeria.

Dear Sir,
I received your email.
Didn't you know my late client. Sir andrew Okorie
(KSM)? Although in his Will, he stated that most of
the Reverend Fathers and Pastors were not too familier
with him. But one thing I know is that my late client
has visited many uncounted countries including yours.
As a multimillionaire businessman, he devoted his
later life in service to humanity and a born again
christian and promised to extend his humanitarian aid
worldwide. i don't know if you have met him in your
country before or else where, but the most important
thing is that he mentioned your name and address in
his bequest and the sum of US$470,000 was Willed o you
for you to use it in spreading the gospel as he puts
it in your country and the world general.
I am arranging to package the original/detailed
informations about this bequest and send it to your
address by post but the delay in our postal system is
too much unless you will agree with me to send it to
you by DHL courier which will get to you under 3 days
and if you confirm the parcel, I will then execute the
bequest and the fund shall be released to you without
delay to any account you will provide. You can contact
me on my direct tel/fax number: 234-1-7748593 for more
I await your response.

Best regards,

Pascal Adebayo (Esq.)

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