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I am from Australia and have been ripped off by the following people and  would like to know if you have any information on a person by the name of James Kamah, a barristor Isaac Boa on the Ivory Coast  and a James Isaac from a Chartered Security Finance Company.
Mr Kamah was suppose to be a security guard with a company over there and according to him a man passed away leaving 35.3USmillion dollars, which he was suppose to send to Switzland. According to him he didn't and left the money in a security box in a bank over there.
He also mentioned how he had been waiting for two years to get this money out of the country.
Mr Isaac Boa is a barristor over there and was handling all the business for us. We have paid him $1100 Australian currency to handle this for us. We received a email from him saying he was waiting on two mobile phones which cost $1000 Australian to purchase and if we didn't send these phones to him, he wouldn't handle anymore of our business. He just wanted the phones in other words and not worry about anything else.
The other person Mr James Isaac transferred this amount of money to UK/Ireland bank instead of our bank in Australia. He is a very rude character and would not give us any information what so ever.
These three I have the impression they do it all the time and would like something done about them as I am sure they will do the same thing to another person.
Another is we had to phone them all the time and have just received a phone bill for over $900 which $750 was calls made to them.
As we are pensioners and can't afford to pay this bill I think that something should be done about them.
I hope you will be able to assist me in this matter also would appreciate it if you would reply to my email.
Thank you for your assistance in this matter and for you valuable time.
Yours truly.

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